CosmicGirl – Sent Home For My Stinky Shitty Uniform ($8.99 ScatShop)

Here’s the theme. At home on call for work. Meaning you can be called in at any time if somebody doesn’t show up for their shift, they get extra-busy, etc. But it’s always a guessing game, you cannot relax entirely/ Tonight you are on call and have to take one of the biggest shits of your life. No call yet, and it’s been a couple of hours, so chances are I’m in the clear. So I light up a cig and relax and then proceed to shit my pants (wear shorts like xmas sweater vid and distance) with a massive mushy load. Feels AMAZING! What a release, and what a feeling with that mushy stinky mass in my panties and dolfin shorts. But then….oh shit…phone rings. It’s the boss…”Summer, we need you to come in, and now!” I need to be there in 15 minutes, no time to clean up…I’m sure nobody stares at my ass in these shorts and will notice the massive shit in my pants? And I need the money from this job;. In closing, you were promtly sent home from work for a “soiled uniform” from complaints from customers and co-workers. Walk back in like you did with the xmas sweater. And 2 cameras again if possible. And mention “shit my pants” and “I like to shit my pants” frequently.

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