BrooklynsBottom – Constipation (€15.99 YezziClips)

I love getting fucked with my legs high up above my head (I am VERY flexible 😉 ), so I decided to give shitting in the same position a try.

In hindsight, it would have gone way, way better if I was not so damn constipated!

It is an extremely hard position to maintain on its own, let alone to shit in! I gave myself a mini ab workout trying this out. I strained and struggled, prolapsing over and over in order to push out all the rock hard poop pellets. I did not even have to pee and ended up forcing out some piss from pushing so hard!

I end up switching positions to try to relieve the constipation. I try the “birthing pose,” laying on my back with my feet flat on the ground. This helps me give birth to a few more tiny, painful shit babies, but there are more in there that I can feel tearing up my insides.

I end up in a squatting position, straining hard to get all the last pebbly chunks out. Squatting definitely makes it much easier (and makes me consider investing in a Squatty Potty lol).

Of course I show off the final results for you. Then it was off to open all the windows because that pile SMELLED SO AWFUL!

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