Worship Your Hairy Goddess Toilet Slave

DOWNLOAD LINK: https://mixdrop.co/f/3n9g6pw8smvmmn

You’ve been such a good slave, I’ve decided to reward you! I show off my hairy body for the first time in this video. I show you my hairy arms, lift up my shirt and show you my tits before exposing my hairy armpit. I show you my hairy thighs and allow you to worship them. Then I play with my hairy bush, showing you it’s amazing length (6 inches) and I show you my hairy asshole before I take a huge shit in your mouth. I go slow, squeezing off little nuggets for you to savor. I talk dirty to you the whole time telling you what I want you to do with my shit, and I want you to eat it all! You love it, you wish it would never end! I know this is how you think, because you’re my dirty pervert! Then I ask you to clean up my hairy pucker and get every one of my hairs clean because you’re my toilet paper, you’re my good little toilet slave. Then I show you the damage in side you, your full belly of shit before the big swallow! *Flush*

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