Ultimate Pissing and Excrements Eating From Anastasia

Excrements Eating

Do not I look sexy in my white stockings when I mix piss and excrements in a bowl and drink that brown cocktail out of it! Yummie Yummie!

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Sorsha aka Secretlover3 Interview!

Good morning Free Copro Porn Website,  readers.

We have a very exciting bit of reading for you today – an official interview with the lovely Sorsha aka Secretlover3.


I first began talking to her (Sorsha aka Secretlover3) on Reddit (yes, people do still use reddit!), a while back now , and we kind of lost contact and drifted apart, but after re-approaching her recently, she kindly agreed to do this interview for me and you wonderful readers out there. Enjoy. And enjoy, also, her beautiful pictures she kindly provided me with.

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Scat Princess Nicole – Interview

Good news for www.shitting.pro users! We have awesome interview for our scat fan and toilet-lovers. This time we had the honor of Nicole from Young Dominas answering some of our questions.

Scat Princess Nicole

Nicole is the founder of Scat Princess and Young-dominas. These sites shoot videos where a toilet is forced to eat shit from many girls.

Scat-princess is infamous because of their cruel and realistic toilet slavery videos. In most videos the shit is literally pushed into the mouths of their slaves.
It is even possible to visit them, but first, you will have to become a member at their site.

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Outdoor Smoking and Scat Fetish

Scat Fetish

Scat Fetish

I wear black nylon stockings and black heels when I start smoking a cigarette and shitting  in the wood,  I am a shit eating scat goddess so it is no wonder that I really hot’n’lol, right ?

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Eating Piss and Excrements From A Sports Car Bonnet

Eating Piss

Anastasia Pissing and shitting on a red sports car befor she start eating it directly from the red bonnet.

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