Brownie, and sleeping beauty starring in video DirtyBetty ($23.99 ScatShop)

A quiet story about a small bunch of shit who considers themselves brownies, who, using the dream of a mysterious stranger, tried to master the mind of a young girl. But neither brute force nor the cunning of smearing helped the young brownie overpower the queen, after eating a small portion of naughty poop, our dirty dark mother took a small protein treat and went to bed, only to soon completely deal with this fragrant pile and restore the delicate balance of forces in midnight underground scat scene!
Scat Smearing Eating Cumshot Poop Play Dirty Blowjob Homemade Shit/Poop/Toilet/Scat/Caviar/Copro Clip

Categories: Groups/Couples, Scat, Smearing

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