Toilet Slave – Puke Recycling starring in video GingerCris ($9.99 ScatShop)

This Shit is going to be Delicious!

I’ve started baking recently and would be happy to send you some snacks! Have you ever wanted:
– Some gooey, yummy shit brownies?
– Cookies with my personal fudge sandwiched in-between?

Or maybe you’re more of a lingerie person. Would you like some:
– Shit-stained panties?

Or maybe, just maybe, you like it raw and you want some:
– Delicious butt-fudge? (It’s perfect for tasting and for jerking your meat-stick.)
– Golden nector, straight from my delicate little piss-hole?
– Chunky, thick vomit…captured and sealed right after it leaves my stomach and throat?
– Blood soaked tampons are available on a monthly cycle

All these delicious items can be yours!

Prices are as follows:
9″x9″ tray of brownies: $200
12 shit sandwich cookies: $200
Shit-stained panties: $70
Shit-covered panties (I shit in them directly. Includes panties and shit.) $170
1 load of butt fudge (shit directly from my ass for you!): $150
1 bottle of my hot piss (approximately 16 ounces): $70
1 bottle of thick, gooey, chunky vomit (aka the stomach smoothie) (approximately 16 ounces): $70
1 bottle of chunky, brown almond milk enema (aka the butt smoothie) (approximately 16 ounces): $70
1 bloody tampon: $50
Accompanying video (estimated 3-5 minutes long): $30

I also offer a monthly Scat-Delivery service. For $225, you get 2 boxes of my delicious butt-baked shit delivered during the month (2 weeks apart). That second batch will arrive *just* when you need it…I promise.

Prices include USPS Priority Mail shipping within the USA with tracking. If you live west of the Mississippi river, shipping is $10 extra…sorry…don’t blame me…blame the USPS!

All items are sealed using appropriate air-tight methods. I’m a big fan of discretion and recycling so your goodies will probably arrive in a recycled Amazon box.

Kisses! Cris

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