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This was a hot custom vid, 18+ minutes – A Dine & Dump theme pooping video, where I eat some pizza and corn on the cob in the 1st scene, then hold my poop in for a few days, then in the 2nd scene I poop the pizza and corn out into the pizza box that has the empty cobs in it.

1st scene has me sitting on my couch, eating my favorite pizza with the box on the coffee table along with some sweet corn in a bowl. I look at the camera and say how good the pizza is, and that I will shit it all out in a few days right back into the pizza box for you.

2nd scene I am totally nude, barefoot with dark colored toenails. standing up holding the empty pizza box facing the camera. I tell the camera it’s time to shit out the pizza, and I feel a huge log poking my asshole too. I then put the pizza box down in the floor opened up, and I then turn around and squat down over it straddling it. I reach around and spread my asscheeks open with my hands, showing my asshole really good, then look over your shoulder and say it’s time to push out the pizza shit, then turn my head back away, and grunting hard, pushing out my HUGE, HARD and CORN EMBEDDED KNOBBLY LOG out of my asshole, feeling it stretch my asshole wide as it slides out to land in the pizza box with a heavy thud. I push out any remaining shit, then stand up and take the camera and zoom in on my logs, commenting on any corn bits and other food chunks that I am showing in my logs. I also zoom in on my toes too as I stand next to the pizza box and wiggle them for you. Video ends with me commenting on how big my pizza shit was.

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Length: 18:55s
Resolution: 1920×1080
Download Format: mp4
File Size: 478 MB

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