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Interview with Schnuckel Bea aka Riccarda Sohr

Schnuckel Bea

At swayze_crayze‘s request via reddit i found some Porn Videos with Schnuckel Bea and posted those videos here – .

But today I transcribed and translated from the German interview with Schnuckel Bea aka Riccarda Sohr and you will read it there !

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Interview with Veronica Moser – Deep Inside Mind

Veronica Moser – link to download video interview with Veronica Moser

Dear toilet fetish lovers, we post awesome interview with German Scat Porn Star – Veronica Moser.

I think before you got into scat porn, you were in the mainstream porn industry. Can you tell me how you got into the porn industry and then how you progressed to scat?
As a young girl I was very interested in porn photos and porn movies. I did my first porn movie in France and it was very exiting for me.
How did you discover you liked scat?
A friend of mine asked me to try this. I agreed and liked it. I never thought that I would become such a dirty whore.
Did you always like anal sex or did that develop at the same time as your scat fetish?
No, I did anal sex long before but in combination with scat it’s much better.
What is the most extreme scat scene you have ever done?
Some scenes of my first movie “The younger years”. I was covered in shit, I’d a very extreme anal session with a lot of enema.
What is the most extreme scat scene you would be willing to do?
This is a dream of me for a long time – to do a movie with 20 or more men and all will piss and shit over me and I will swallow as much as I can.
Is there any scat scene that would be too extreme even for you to do?
No, I don’t think so – the more a person can shit the better it is for me.
Do you have any scat fantasies that you have not yet fulfilled? And, if so, what are they?
No, I think I’ve tried all what is possible with scat.

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Sorsha aka Secretlover3 Interview!

Good morning Free Copro Porn Website,  readers.

We have a very exciting bit of reading for you today – an official interview with the lovely Sorsha aka Secretlover3.


I first began talking to her (Sorsha aka Secretlover3) on Reddit (yes, people do still use reddit!), a while back now , and we kind of lost contact and drifted apart, but after re-approaching her recently, she kindly agreed to do this interview for me and you wonderful readers out there. Enjoy. And enjoy, also, her beautiful pictures she kindly provided me with.

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Scat Princess Nicole – Interview

Good news for users! We have awesome interview for our scat fan and toilet-lovers. This time we had the honor of Nicole from Young Dominas answering some of our questions.

Scat Princess Nicole

Nicole is the founder of Scat Princess and Young-dominas. These sites shoot videos where a toilet is forced to eat shit from many girls.

Scat-princess is infamous because of their cruel and realistic toilet slavery videos. In most videos the shit is literally pushed into the mouths of their slaves.
It is even possible to visit them, but first, you will have to become a member at their site.

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