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I found my favorite pajama in a box with old clothes. I wore this pajamas until my 12 years.Now I want to spoil these pants with you ?
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I’m on vacation, but this morning I spontaneously wanted to let you participate in my morning scat ritual. Due to the heat here in Mexico, I have to be completely naked during the video. As a needy toilet you have to practice a little more with me on video, so that you can swallow my yummy chocolate popping out of my ass in real life soon 😉 In addition, I’ll introduce you to a delicious smell training: Used toilet paper, panty liner and a final surprise… Finally, I’ll give you a jerk off instruction, so that you stay nicely satisfied despite my long holiday.

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Alice and Carolina are two girlfriends who have hairy pussies, these girls love to arrange for you dirty lesbian show in which Alice and Carolina shit and piss on each other and then play their own shit smearing shit on each other . This time Alice and Caroline gave you a show in which the girls first caress each other by turns hairy cunt tongues , and after that Alice first shit on Carolina and then Alice with her ass smearing his own shit fuck Carolina , then the girls switch places and now Alice is lying on her back and Caroline first caresses the tongue dirty shit cunt of Alice’s and then Carolina sits on the top of Alice and shitting and pissing and then smears the shit out of her ass fuck Alice , Carolina and Alice take turns riding each other on top as a rider on a horse and using their ass Carolina and Alice smear shit on each other’s bodies .

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