ModelNatalya94 – Shit in shorts Olga and Yana ($12.99 ScatShop)

Hello, dear and dear friends of ours. Today on the video, Olga and I will show you how we fill our white panties with shit. We sit on the couch in panties and caress each other and clap hands in them and masturbate. Then we turn to the camera ass and show you our ass in panties. Olga did not go to the toilet for two days, she was waiting for my arrival and she very much wants to poop. So much so that shit already climbs out and already got her panties dirtied))) Olga and I are sitting in shorts and you can see this process very clearly on camera. We took everything very close and clear so that you could enjoy all the processes.

Annalise – Double Portion of Shit ($14.99 ScatShop)

Our slave is going to be punished this morning. He is going to eat two portions of shit from me and Lady Laura. We humiliating him verbal and punishing him. After that, we feeding him with long shit and make him lick our big logs! He is a shit pig and this is his fate. Day after day he is eat our shit. I know that you want to be in his place because you are the same shit pig. We can feed you too, who knows…

Fetidistrojp – Yua Gotos Poop – Smearing ($14.99 YezziClips)

It is the middle of the day and this woman doesn’t suspect anything going wrong. She does her usual daily routine of cleaning up her apartment. However, when she went outside and into the rooftop, she doesn’t realize two masked men followed her and then barged inside her residence! Before she could do anything, they are fast to grab and restrain her! Eventually, she is rendered completely helpless and then laid on the floor where the men proceed with their malicious intentions! They expose her pussy by lifting up her skirt and take turns groping and squeezing her massive pair of breasts! The more they enjoy it, the more aggressive they get! They even later concentrate playing with her nipples which causes them to lactate and wet her shirt! By the time they start wanting more, they pull her boobs out and continue milking them, consequently getting her soaked with every passing second! Eventually, they get bored with it, so one of them gets a hold of a massive dildo and begins fucking the woman’s asshole! There is nothing she could do but moan at the top of her lungs while the dildo is thrusted faster, harder, and deeper into her asshole along with getting her massive tits repeatedly tightly squeezed!

Biggest White Jean Poop Ever Sit Smear ($23.99 YezziClips)

What a day! I walked to a near by photo shoot to do a test shoot with a new model. Everything went great, until I got back and realized I forgot my keys, I’m locked out. I have to wait 20 mins until some one can come home and rescue me. I have to shit really bad I’m trying to hold it, but I lose the fight.

I go right in my, new white tight jeans and I have diarrhea omg. Why me? Its so much that when I take my jeans off shit falls everywhere I can not fucking believe this. It wont stop coming, I shit in my hand and smear it on my phat ass. More shit comes out on the floor, I have to go some more. I sit my shitty ass on the toilet all you hear is heavy farts and more diarrhea. Shit is every where on me, the toilet and the floor. The only good part was that, I did have my camera. My neighbor was right in her driveway as all this was happening, I wondering how much she saw. This was one of my most embarrassing moments.

DemonaDragon – Big Birthday Shit ($35.99 ScatShop)

I tell you what I’ve been eating and do some ground hogging before pushinh out a big birthday shit. I take my temp to see how hot my shit hole is. I push out my nasty colon rose for you also. It’s my birthday so I decide to light a sparkler for the occasion. I stick it right in my big honkin turd and light it up. Let’s get this party started! I then dump the turds in the toilet and make a big mess. I show you my nasty shithole one last time before saying goodbye.

Garden toilet (RARE 2013 Scat Porn) Miss Larissa


Title: Garden toilet
Cast: Miss Larissa
Genre: Scat, Big shit, Eat shit, Smearing, Domination
Duration: 00:10:02

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File: miss larissa – garden toilet.mp4
Size: 465818153 bytes (444,24 MiB), duration: 00:10:02, avg.bitrate: 6190 kb/s
Audio: aac, 48000 Hz, stereo (ger)
Video: mpeg4, yuv420p, 768×576, 25,00 fps(r) (ger)

2 day scat (RARE 2013 Scat Porn) Miss Larissa

The sadist domina uses her helpless slave the way she wants, whenever she wants, for whatever purpose she wants. The slave must accept any brutal punishment and abuse, regardless of how ugly or painful it is. Miss Larissa likes to have fun. Lots of it indeed! She can use any mode of punishment to get satisfied, and this sadist Mistress can not be easily satisfied! The brutal Mistress is a refined educator. She believes that excessive pain is the best method to teach a slave who he really is, and to whom he really belongs


Title: 2 day scat
Cast: Miss Larissa
Genre: Scat, Big shit, Eat shit, Smearing, Domination
Duration: 00:15:30

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File: miss larissa – 2 day scat.mp4
Size: 258280101 bytes (246,32 MiB), duration: 00:15:30, avg.bitrate: 2222 kb/s
Audio: aac, 48000 Hz, stereo (ger)
Video: mpeg4, yuv420p, 768×576, 25,00 fps(r) (ger)

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I am a dirty shit pig! I love shit so much! I get so horny and excited when I smell poop! I get so turned on when I can feel shit in my asshole!

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I crave shit so much! I need shit! Watch me dig a nice, moist turd out of my ass! I oink and oink and rub it all over my ass! I take my shit and smear it over my big boobs and my belly. I shove my tail back into my ass and wiggle it around!

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