Janet – Sexy Constipation Shit

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I’m super constipated i can feel shit inside me and nothing comes out for two days… ?? I can a feel more inside me then the more i strain and push. Super constipation I still think there is more inside this is me after all…. Three little poop coming out of me.

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Annalise – Smear Lick and Suck My Shitty Shoes

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I wear my black shoes completely naked and waiting to have fun with it. ?? I squat over them, a poop on both of them and put them on my feet. I see how the poop ooze out of my little hole from the front of the shoes. Its not possible to see my toes now. ?? I sit down and begin to rub my black shoes with my a shit. After my shoes are completly smeared, i put them off. ?? This is a bit difficult since my fingers are full of my poo and its really smeary. The shoes are now off my feet, i start to smear my face with my shit, lick and suck the heels. ?? I suck, i lick, i show you my tongue, i am having just a little bit fun with aa shitty shoes. ?? Have fun watching! ?? Horny kisses

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I shit in white pantyhose!

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I pee and shit in my stockings … you see a brown stain … that is growing and growing !! Well aa loaded stockings, fucking !! Different postures … I would have seen myself played more, but I just had aaaa little battery … a shame, if you are interested I will repeat it and do it twice as long! even so, it’s aaa very good! I just wanted to know your opinion, to create content

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MissAnja – POV Very CloseUp Shitting With Body Smearing

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I really had to poo in this video. I have to hold it so much. I’m totally nude and teasing you as always, showing off my perky tits and round ass, feet. I filming in POV for awhile and you get amazing extremely close view to my arsehole and pussy. I like puckering and do few times for you. Then push out my big turd, half hard then comes out softer poo from this pretty asshole. Still very close up view. Puckering my swollen asshole and peeing. Then I put the camera away, and smearing my yummy shit on body, first on my sexy feet, legs then tits and tummy etc. I put on my lips too ? I love this video. So sexy really enjoyed. HD quality with crystal clear details. With lots of love from me?…

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Cosmic Girl Summer – Summer’s Homemade Poo Confections

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Making a new batch of my delicious poo confections! Homemade candy bars with a delicious poo filling!…

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Dianascat – Fresh Shit Sushi

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Crap is good, crap is delicious if you eat a lot and use it well. Today I eat sushi, and then send juicy shit to my customers. It would be interesting to see how they eat my shit on camera. My shit is really BIG! It has a disgusting smell. My pretty ass will make you eat a lot of crap…

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Pregnant role play poop in bathtub

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Watch me role play a pregnant woman who can’t hold in her poop any longer. She can’t even make it to the toilet because it’s too hard to sit on it so she takes a huge pregnant shit into the bathtub. This poop is HUGE! Then she shows you how she cleans it up. It’s one of the biggest poops I’ve ever seen!…

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