BrutalCastings – Gorgeous 18-year-old Teen Gina Valentina

Release Year: 2015
Genres: Legal Teen, Casting, Rough Sex, Facial, BJ, Hardcore, All Sex

Gina Valentina finds herself living the dream auditioning at our booking office for her one shot at fame and stardom. Gina’s certainly got the looks, a banging little body, and wow, that smile of hers can melt stone. Just one small problem though, she fights with the agent about getting topless for some shots in case he wants to book her for lingerie and bikini shoots. He explains the program to her again, and she finally drops her top to reveal her amazing tits. When Gina is asked if she will do anything it takes to get famous, she says "Yes," and before the remnants of the "s" sound leaves her lips, her face is slapped hard, and her hands are bound with rope and filled with the big hard cock of our agent. She is then directed to give him a blowjob and deepthroat the full measure of his dick the entire time. More hard slaps and spitting in her face and mouth lets Gina knows this isn’t a dream, and then he smothers her with his junk bag. Gina’s bid for fame concludes with a brutal doggie style fucking and the agent’s hands in "prayer" grip going into Gina’s cunt and fucking it until it’s raw. A big cumshot in the silly slut’s mouth ends her audition. Congrats Gina, you’re a whore!

Format: mp4
Duration: 45:30
Video: 1920×1080, AVC (H.264), 7765kbps
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Ally Style, Claudia Macc – The Vanishing Hand

Release Year: 2017
Cast: Ally Style (fisted), Claudia Macc (fister)
Genres: Fisting, Lesbian, Dildo

Our members really do love Claudia Macc and who are we to disappoint? This week, Claudia returns and this time as the fister who gets to play with stunning dark haired babe Ally Style. These girls start to kiss and rub each other until Claudia bends Ally over and starts to oil up her pussy with her fingers. She lets Ally taste her own juices and then gets to work on her pussy using some kitchen tongs. All of our girls love to work their way up to fisting with various sex toys and Claudia gapes Ally’s pussy apart as far as she can with these tongs. They get completely soaked in Ally’s pussy juices which are licked off by Ally like a very obedient little slut. Next up, Claudia grabs a seriously huge dildo and starts to rub it again Ally’s labia. She fucks her pussy with it in the doggystyle position and then knows that if Ally can take that monster sex toy, her fist will have no problem! She starts to fist fuck Ally, stopping occasionally to gape her pussy apart with her fingers and they change positions so that Ally is lying slightly on her side. Their lesbian fisting fun continues and Ally enjoys a shuddering orgasm, easily taking Claudia’s fist in this fisting challenge!

Format: mp4
Duration: 23:04
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What The Fuck (2019)

Release Year: 2019
Genres: Extreme Sex
Video language: English

For real. So I pull into the lot, and a vehicle is a cunt hair out of the space it was intended for. So I put on my chick glasses and try to park between this car and the other car–being that I had my chick glasses on, it took me 5 times. So I unpack my gear, and I see these chubby feet on the dashboard, smoking a cigarette. I pay no mind as there is always some degenerate in my lot. I enquire of the hooker doing her makeup, "who’s in the car waiting." She replied, "my friend." So, of course we go down to ask her if she would like to swallow some yellow d. She agreed. So "Pebbles", who looks more closely to Bam Bam, is now an adjunct human toilet. So let me recap. We have two ready to swallow my yellow discipline, and that they did. Now, Pebbles, not being the looker, was saved for crucial moments: like being bulimic on her head, and giving her some yellow d, too. This scene was a comedy of errors, but I needed something before I went fishing. Short story long, you must see this one. I don’t always say that. This is a train wreck in slow motion. Stroke with care.

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Duration: 1:00:59
Video: 1920×1080, AVC (H.264), 7808kbps
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Two Hot Blondes

Cast: Chrissy Fox & Licky Lex
Genres: Blonde, Dildo, Fingers, Girl Girl, Pussy Fisting, Speculum

Licky Lex wants to have her turn on Fister Twister in todays scene where she is matched against the gorgeous Chrissy Fox. Chrissy oils up Licky’s hot body and this stunning pair soon get even more intimate. Chrissy starts to finger Licky’s pussy and gapes it wide apart before she gets Licky to taste her own pussy juices. She uses a metal speculum which she slides into Licky’s pussy and stretches it even further. Of course in the usual Fister Twister style, all of this pussy gaping is leading up to the grand finale of lesbian fisting which is in store for Licky! Next up, Chrissy uses a big black dildo which she gets Licky to suck before shoving it deep into Licky’s pussy while she is bent over in the doggystyle position. Her pussy gets dripping wet and Chrissy alternates moving the big black toy between Licky’s mouth and pussy. She starts to stretch her eager hole with her hands and soon she slides her whole hand up inside her dripping wet twat. This fist fuck scene is seriously hot with these two gorgeous blondes and Chrissy continues to fist Licky until she orgasms!

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Duration: 27:40
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Ophelia Rain

Cast: Ophelia Rain
Genres: Rough Sex, Hardcore, Deep Throating, Gagging, Humiliation, Domination, Facial, Abuse, Tattoos, Alt.Girl
Video language: English

Ophelia Rain is a short emo pig with big tits and cutting scars. Her ID makes her look like a transsexual but she’s actually halfway decent looking in person. Her big tits are obviously the selling point here because her face fucking skills suck (no pun intended). She can only take Pauly’s massive meat halfway down her throat. We tried everything to open up her tiny throat hole but it just wasn’t happening. Pauly trekked on like a woman fucking boss, though. We got her to spill her guts a few times. That was cool. After the throat fuck session, Pauly flipped her big white ass over and titty fucked her rock hard juggs. Then, he just went inside that cunt but her hot box proved to be pretty fucking mint. He had to refrain from busting a few times. Figures… it’s always the weirdos with the nicest pussy, right? Anyway, after he busted his nut, she was spoon fed the jizm… which she swallowed. Total fucking whore!

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Duration: 35:26
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Ellie Exploring Discovering New Limits

Video language: English

In supercute Ellie’s second part, she gives us a more ‘mature’ look, and tries to push her limits in several ways… Putting on a sexy pink bra/panties and heels, she talks dirty to us, fingering herself (notice how juicy wet she is) and then ends up peeing on the stairs… All wet inside, she wants to fist, and works hard at it until her whole fist is inside her! She fists long and hard, and finds it surprisingly pleasurable! She then gapes her vagina for us, notice how tight she is still! Then she does some anal play, which is all new for her — starting with fingers, then moving to a glass toy. It really does push her limits! Putting on a sexy white dress and heels, she visits a resort, and stimulates herself, looking gorgeous while she does it. She gets incredibly horny…

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