My bucket between my legs

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Long legged milf Cynthia feeds two translucent brutal dildos in her tight pussy as she’s all stretched out on the couch!

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When Amazons Attack

Release Year: 2019
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I recently got into a twitter skirmish with a giant woman. Today, her doppelganger appears. She has shoulders bigger than mine, and thighs like Tom Platz, this is one giant bitch. I had to check if she was "snipt" because that’s how large she was. The boys, however, prevailed, but they took some shrapnel in the carnage. After some good slaps, she submitted. I almost heard a violin playing when she finally yielded and realized her role. She’s as somber, and distant, and just took cock over and over with no fuss. She took 3 loads to the face and took the contents of the whore bowl.

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Sad, Blue Eyes

Release Year: 2019
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She had piercing blue eyes, but they glazed over pretty quickly-thrusting cocks into your mouth will do that to you. She became a sex robot and her holes were used properly. She must have been programmed prior to this, because there were very few alterations needed in her code. She was a complete mess, that was completely destroyed, who sat there with tears in her Anglo blue eyes as semen rained down on her.

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Anna Ray, Lucia Denvile – Bad influence

Release Year: 2018
Cast: Anna Ray (fisted), Lucia Denvile (fister)
Genres: Fisting, Lesbian, Dildo

Naughty Lucia Denvile gets her hands on a new hot blonde to play with in today’s Fister Twister Challenge. Anna Ray looks pretty innocent and she is certainly in for an eye opener! Before the action starts, Lucia treats us to a naked dance and then turns around a chair to reveal her cute blonde girlfriend! She starts to rub her pussy with her hands and then inserts a couple of fingers into her oiled up honeypot. Using a metal speculum, Lucia pinches Anna’s nipples then rubs the metal against her pussy before inserting it and using it to gape her pussy apart. When Anna’s pussy is nice and wet, Lucia frantically fucks her with a monster sized dildo while Anna enjoys masturbating at the same time. Anna then turns over into the doggystyle position on the chair and Lucia starts her fist fuck fun. She slides her hand in slowly to start then easily speeds up! Anna changes positions and settles on riding Lucia’s fist before she pulls out and sits on Lucia, kissing her passionately while Lucia makes her orgasm by rubbing her pussy seriously fast! Anna looks like she enjoyed her first time fisting experience immensely!

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Double Fisting, Huge Gape, and Massive Dildo Play

Release Year: 2017
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I’ve always enjoyed pushing the limits. I’ve always been fascinated by sex… My sexual fantasies began when I was very young. I have always liked to dance on the line between pain and pleasure.
Stretching was intimidating at first but I get excited by a challenge. The toys started getting bigger and bigger. Then, my boyfriend’s fist was suddenly inside of me!
I’ve always been known to push myself to the limit and you can see what that means in the most personal way…
I can’t be satisfied until I have the biggest pussy on the internet. I am obsessed with stretching and hope you will join me on my journey.

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Magical Fist (Chrissy Fox and Miky Love) – FullHD 1080p

Cast: Chrissy Fox, Miky Love
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Stunning babe Chrissy Fox takes on another contender in today’s Fister Twister update. Dark haired babe Miky Love thinks she has what it takes to be fisted and these horny girls start off this scene wearing nothing but neck ties. Chrissy massages Miky’s perfect tits and nipples before moving her way down to her pussy where she stretches her pussy apart with her fingers. She lets Miky taste her own juices then decides to use a metal speculum to help widen things up before their lesbian fisting encounter. Miky’s pussy is gaped wide apart and Chrissy even inserts a couple of fingers to help make her nice and juicy. Chrissy has even more ideas to wet Miky’s pussy ready for her fisting, so fucks her pussy with a monster sized dildo while Miky is bent over in a doggystyle position. They decide to stay in this position while Chrissy then replaces the dildo with her fist and slides it up inside Miky’s pussy with ease. Her whole hand is up inside Miky’s pussy when Chrissy decides to whip it back out and gape her hole wide apart while spitting into it. They change positions and Chrissy continues with her fisting sex and once Miky is near orgasming, she lets her masturbate and enjoy an Hitachi magic wand vibrator to help her along and make her orgasm even more earth shuddering! These girls enjoy plenty of fun in this scene for Fister Twister and once they are finished, Miky Love proves herself to be a very worth babe to have on board!

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