Made to Endure Torment – Arteya – Full HD 1080p

Arteya is one of those babes who was just made to please and to take one cock after another. Blonde, busty and uninhibited, this sexy chick is in for a surprise when these two guys decide to stuff her every hole. Naked on the floor, they open her mouth and their dicks down her throat, abusing her repeatedly. This face fucking took her by surprise, but as they started pumping her asshole this bitch couldn’t believe the wild banging she’s in for. Makeup dripping, messy hair, and cum all over her tits, and Arteya is happier than ever!

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Freaky Fanny Fisting

Genres: BDSM,Rope,Bondage,torture
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In today’s kinky roleplay, brunette Bobbi Starr from the USA seems to be in charge of Hungarian hotties, the raven-tressed Madison Parker and the blonde Blue Angel. She has the girls kiss and then she bends Blue over to spread her asshole wide for a lick as this fetish XXX video crammed with extreme sex gets going.

Bobbi supervises while Blue licks Madison, at the same cramming her fingers in the Angelic asshole. Looks like she’s digging for lost treasure in Blue’s bottom!

Bobbi gets Madison to assist her as they put Blue Angel upside down on the floor with her butt raised so their hands have free and easy access to the blonde’s anus. Then Bobbi puts on shiny black latex gloves so that she can further splay Blue’s bright red butt crevice unbelievably wide.

Bobbi then shows what she can do with her own asshole by cramming a long glass dildo in it. And then Madison gets into the freaky fanny fun by taking a humongous black toy in her rectum, leading up to the invasion of Bobbi’s black latex fingers deep in the Parker posterior for some fisting action.

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Planet Max – vol. 8

Cast: Catalina, Kamy, Candy Cotton, Max Hardcore
Genres: Pissing, Gagging, Fisting, Anal, All Sex, Extreme
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Catalina is a curious cunt…who gets in all sorts of trouble. Driving through the desert with her sleepy boyfriend, she meets Max. Max gets her to take some ‘pretty’ pictures. Soon Max is drilling her ass and throat! She moans, but her dozing boy-toy is unaware in his car. Is there no limit…to how much Candy Cotton can take? Max hasn’t discovered it yet, but makes a valiant effort by fucking her hard at the East Coast video show. Max plows her hard, turning her asshole into hamburger, and smearing her face with cum and slime! Kamy is one stupid…slut who actually believes that Max can make her popular. She lets him dress her up, and doesn’t get the picture till Max is reaming her ass. These girls are definitely from a different planet. They fall for Max’s charming line of shit. Then they end up with his dick down their throats and up their ass!

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Pancake Tits

Release Year: 2017
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I remember when these puppies had a little more life in them. It’s like when you’re at Dairy Queen and you order a sundae, and what you get looks nothing like what’s pictured on the menu. That’s how my inbox is presently. Oh well. I will say though, that any bitch who take a walloping she did is OK in my book. Her poor asshole was puckered, begging for the penetration to stop. Two fat cocks were in and out of that turd cutter like a fat guy repeatedly seeking solace in an air conditioned room. When they were done with the ass to mouth and the face fucking, it was time to paint her up. After all, those hand prints all over her face needed a hot DNA compress.

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Vanessa Twain, Whitney Conroy

Cast: Vanessa Twain & Whitney Conroy
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Whitney Conroy is back on Fister Twister and ready for another play mate. She is joined by dark haired hottie Vanessa Twain and these girls are ready to get started. Whitney looks gorgeous in a pretty black dress and starts kissing Vanessa who has gone for more of a slutty look! Both girls are wearing black spike heels and soon strip each other naked before Whitney starts to rub Vanessa’s pussy. She uses a metal speculum to insert into her hole and stretches Vanessa’s pussy apart while she sits with her stocking covered legs wide open. Vanessa bends over and Whitney fucks her with a big black dildo doggystyle then as Vanessa turns over, Whitney swaps the dildo for her fist! Vanessa’s pussy gets nice and wet and Whitney enjoys pounding her hard with her whole fist then gently rubs her pussy before getting a magic wand vibrator and letting Vanessa cum hard while it vibrates against her wet pussy!

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Pendulous Cow Tits

Release Year: 2018
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It’s nice to see a hooker gain some healthy weight that goes right to the tits and ass. She has a nice big pair of undulating utters that are fun to squeeze and slap around like a California Cuck. Her big fake lips were specifically done for this shoot to form a better seal around the cock. It’s straight up sexy when a woman objectifies herself, simply for the fleeting facade of beauty, and the subhuman task of being face fucked, but meh; it is what it is and thank you Zeus for providing such an object to stick our dicks into. Her throat, mouth, ass and pussy were pillaged like a Walgreen’s in a riot. Her ass juice was thoroughly embedded on the fire helmet of Bootlegs dick. She didn’t even bother to check: she just put it in her mouth with a smirk like a dirty little ass to mouth slut. Slapped up, and sat down, her forehead became a landing strip for 3 loads. She took the degrading semen shots to the face like she knew her roll, because after all, she did.

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