Anal and Void – Lilu Moon – Full HD 1080p

The same rather large toy is now used for anal masturbation and it goes remarkably well with the toy easily slipping up her eager ass and even bringing on several orgasms. We’ve never shot 30 minutes of just anal masturbation but that is what happens here and she manages it like a pro. This is also one of the vary rare models that actually has genuine orgasms in the ass. Watching her cum with the dildo up her ass you will surely see that she really loves it. Included in this video are multiple moments of open asshole views every time she pulls the dildo out of her ass. These are not raunchy gaping prolapsed asshole shots but rather more tasteful lightly open moist asshole with some nice butthole winking at close range.

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Nude Submissive Russian Babe Gives Herself Ass Fisting

Genres: BDSM,Rope,Bondage,torture
Video language: English

We don’t know what Russian submissive Isabella Clark has done to deserve all the humiliation and punishment she gets in this new Full HD extreme sex scene, but she’s clearly been a naughty girl who waits naked with barefeet and vulnerable for her discipline.

As the video opens, her mouth is gagged and even her thumbs are in a bondage device. Then the blue eyed babe’s enhanced tits are pinched before the gag is taken out of her mouth. A mysterious gloved hand presses a Magic Wand vibrator against her shaved pussy, giving her toy masturbating to work up her juices.

Leaning against a wall, it’s time for a whip to do its job on her curvy ass, its thongs slapping against her cheeks. Perversely, the thumb tie is taken off her hands so that she can then smack herself with the whip too!

Next it’s time for Isabella to do some toy sucking as a huge dildo is crammed into her face. After this she warms up that dildo titty fuck style, before the gloved hand inserts it deeply for anal insertion. But these exercises in erotic discipline are hardly over…as you’ll see when Isabella then gives herself an ass fisting before being put into the corner to contemplate her naughtiness in humiliating nude solitude!

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Claudia Macc, Niky Sweet – So Tight

Release Year: 2017
Cast: Claudia Macc (fister), Niky Sweet (fisted)
Genres: Fisting, Lesbian, Dildo

Gorgeous babe Claudia Macc goes from being fisted in last weeks update on Fister Twister to being the fister in today’s latest installment of our horny lesbian fisting challenges. Niky Sweet is our stunning challenger for today and Claudia really can’t wait to get her hands on her perfect tits! She pours oil down over Niky’s chest and rubs it into her, while Niky rubs it down over her freshly shaved pussy too! Claudia lays Niky down on her side and starts to play with her oiled up pussy. She uses her fingers to stretch her pussy apart and starts to finger her, only taking a break to let Niky taste herself! Claudia starts to get a bit more with her hands and gapes Niky apart even more using four fingers. Using some red tongs, Claudia playfully pinched Niky’s nipples then moves back down to her pussy, eager to stretch her even more so that she doesn’t have long to wait before she can fist fuck her! While Niky is gaped wide open with the tongs she rubs her pussy and gets herself all worked up. Claudia has one more step to take before she can have her wicked way with her fist and that is to shove a big black dildo inside Niky’s pussy while she is bent over doggystyle. She replaces her big dildo with her hand which she slides up inside Niky’s honey pot. Niky has a seriously tight pussy so it takes a few attempts but it isn’t long before Claudia is frantically fisting her in all sorts of positions!

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Planet Max – vol. 12

Cast: Max Hardcore, Queeny Love, Amy Lee, Valerie Jo
Genres: Fisting, Pissing, Gagging, Anal, All Sex
Video language: English

Another set of poor girls that are about to be corrupted by the king of raunch, Mr. Max Hardcore! Can they withstand the pounding, the gagging, and the gaping? Watch and see!

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Dominatrix Trains Her Slaves

Genres: BDSM,Rope,Bondage,torture
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Victoria Summer slave fans, you better be on your best behavior today because the voluptuous Mistress is in the mood to punish anyone that doesn’t know how to fulfill her pussy and anal gape desires!

In her latest solo fetish video, Mistress Victoria talks dirty in her British accent and looks kinky in her black latex outfit, complete with open holes for her big tits, or shall we say incomplete, to titty play with ease. With a whip in hand, the curvy blonde is ready to get her slaves down on their knees to lick her shaved pussy or her 6-inch platform high heels, but she uses the whip on herself instead to indulge in nipple play.

The Mistress then shows her slaves the secret easy access crotch for fingering her pink and adds the vibrator touch for anal insertion. Do you think you have the skills to please this tough dominatrix? If you fail to succeed, get ready to bend over and get a spanking you or your ass won’t soon forget!

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Sum Ting Wong

Release Year: 2017
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"Holy fuk, bing ding ow!" when the whore bowl was placed on her head. She was a cry baby, but I still admire the set of ovaries she had on her. I don’t know what kind of Asian she was, but she’s somewhere between Rikishi and one of those giant squeaky toys you win on the boardwalk. She had a rather large head, too. One could imagine her playing line backer for the Bears with a helmet the size of Don Bebe’s to fit that gargantuan gourd. Aside from being a little portly, she gives a great scene and has a tremendous work ethic. Asians… They over achieve at everything, they even over achieve at being an under achiever.

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Orange Girl Bad

Release Year: 2018
Genres: Blowjob, Slapping, Facefucking, Gagging, Spitting, Puking, Deepthroat, Facial
Video language: English

This pale red head was tough to light. I felt like I entered the pearly gates, or was in a dentist chair and the dingbat assistant has the light directly in my eye. Throw in some pink blotchy skin and a freshly painted green wall, well you get my drift. So, after backing off the light and setting my iris to setting Jackie Chan, we were ready to begin. She was messy from start to finish. It was gross. She kept taking the pale pillage down her pie pipe. Smacked around, fucked right in the pussy, 2 loads, and a whore bowl, and she wept.

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